On May 22, 2000, Rare (bless their little hearts) will finally unleash on the world Perfect Dark, the sequel to GoldenEye. And believe me, it's going to rock. This page provides a few PD resources that I've created (ie. desktops), plus a bunch of links to all the major IGN64.com stories of the past month covering the game. Not excited yet? After you're finished with this page... you will be.

Enjoy, and see you all at EB on May 22!


Spoiler Alert: The file "pdcollge.jpg", as well as the links labelled
contain screenshots and info about the game that may
reveal some details you may rather not know; ie. find out for yourself.
If so, then don't check them out.

Know, however, that you're missing out on some pretty frickin' cool stuff.

April 13/00 - PD Trailer Online!

Nintendo finally made good on their promises of a PD trailer and posted said trailer on perfectdark.com yesterday. The verdict? Excellent!

With some definite Matrix-esque overtones, it shows Joanna suiting up for battle (suiting all the way up... ie. from scratch... ie. is this really a Nintendo commercial?), and a bunch of gameplay clips.

The ad clearly paints the game as a Mature game, from the gratuitous, scantily-clad Joanna shots to the announcer's proclamation: "Rated M... for Mature." Considering the game's definite graphic nature (see "M is Definitely For Mature"), I think it's good that Nintendo is clearly aiming this game away from kids. Also, it doesn't hurt their image in the 18-and-over market any, either.

Regardless of marketing decisions, it's a great trailer... So if you haven't seen it yet, start downloading!

For the record, the Extra-Large trailer, though it has great detail, is actually a little choppy. If you're not on cable/DSL or better, go with the Medium one; it's not much smaller onscreen, and it's a much faster download


If you need info on how to actually save these movies to disk, click here.

April 11/00 - Desktops and Links

The Desktops:

If you need instructions on how to set these files as your desktop, click here.

The Links:

If you care about Perfect Dark, or think that you may care but aren't sure, or think that you may know someone who cares about Perfect Dark, here's some key links to keep you up to date.

Thanks to IGN64.com for being the wonderful folks they are. As you'll know doubt notice, many of the images/links on this page were shamelessly stolen from/link to IGN64, as, frankly, it's the best N64 site around.

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