Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is a new danger on the roads... and his name is Brook Jones.

As of May 11, 2002, I am the proud of owner of a 2002 Yamaha Vino Classic
scooter. She's silver and black with extensive chrome accents, and she's my

Her technical specs:
(for more info, see

Displacement: 49cc
Max. speed of the speedometer: 60km/h
Number of performance modifications I've had done: 3
Top speed (flat ground) after modifications: 65km/h
Top speed (downhill) after modifications: just past the headlight indicator (which I estimate is about 80km/h)
Time elapsed between purchasing the scooter and going to the hospital for scooter-related injuries: 6 hours
Acceleration (0-60km/h): I haven't actually tested this yet, but it's pretty zippy... in the 8-10 second range, maybe? And if that doesn't sound very zippy, think about accelerating like that on, say, a mountain bike. It feels zippy.
Fuel tank capacity: 6L
Approx. cost of a fill (with premium, of course): $4
Average mileage (city): 25km/L
Average mileage (highway): Are you serious? You can't take a scooter on the highway!
No. of times I've taken a scooter on the highway: 6
No. of those times when I was going the wrong direction: 1
No. of those times when my going the wrong direction was intentional: 1
No. of death wishes I have: 0, honestly
Amount of money I've spent on performance modifications: $100
Amount of money I've spent on parking: $0
Monthly insurance cost (basic + collision): $25

Receiving thumbs-ups from total strangers,
Getting compliments from old ladies,
Blowing by rush-hour traffic in the bike lane,
Hanging around the high school trying to convince girls to go for a ride,
And having the highest-pitched engine on the road:


And yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has a kick-start.

I present to you: my Hog.