In February of 2000, I, being then a lonely Arts student who kind of liked computers, marched myself down to the library, took out a book on this "HTML" I'd been hearing so much about, sat down, read it, and then spent about a month making this web page. Not bad for my first time out; though some legacies of my ineptitude still remain (no tables or CSS, much less Flash...).

The basic idea of the site comes from the IMoM cards I had made a few months prior; which in turn came from the original Brook Jones: International Man of Mystery logo, which arose from my own obsession with Austin Powers and James Bond. My work is very cumulative.

Engraved Invitation
Here's a copy of the invitation which I emailed to the small, intimate group of world leaders and diplomats who attended the gala opening. All the IMoMs received personalized invitations, of course...

Also, while I was on this creative roll of web-authoring, I found myself playing around with, and then wasting many, many hours on, a shareware morphing program. Alas, because of space restrictions I can't host the QuickTime movie I created, but here's a representative sample... Hey kids, you can print 'em out, cut 'em out and make your own animated morphing flip-book!