Now this... THIS is funny stuff. Earlier this year, I got rather heavily into the various episodes of Celebrity Jeopardy, as seen on Saturday Night Live (you can see them at, or get the mp3s via Napster). I decided to burn an audio CD of all 9 episodes, and then... well, then I spent essentially an entire weekend hunched over my iMac, with InDesign firing on all four cylinders, producing, as always, from scratch, the inserts and label you see below.

Front Cover Insert

First of all, every single image you see here is a screen capture by yours truly from the RealVideo files (the quality is obviously not stellar, but it works). In fact, right off the bat, I spent a couple of hours doing roughly 175 screen captures, or about 20/episode. For the background, I used a montage of some of the more famous celebrities. Darrell Hammond as the ubiquitous Sean Connery, Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek, and Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds occupy the top three spots, reflecting their importance in the series. The categories and questions seen all come from the episodes. I spent some time trying to match the typeface in which the questions are presented (though, incidentally, the SNL shows vary in their adherence to the actual Jeopardy question typeface). The "Complete Celebrity Jeopardy" logo is a combination of a .gif of the Jeopardy! logo (from, carefully-adjusted type ("The Complete Celebrity"), and InDesign's polygon maker for the star background. Also note the off-white circular gradient in the category headings -- intended to mimic a backlight behind each panel.

Back Cover Insert
Okay, this is where the real work (fun) began:

CD Label (uncropped)
Finally, a rearranged version of the background montage from the back cover is applied to the CD itself. Once again, the SNL Records logo and Columbia Tristar fine print are used to add realism.