This past November ('00) I was cast in my UBC Residence's annual musical, performed every March, before final exams. This year, they chose 'Little Shop of Horrors'. I played Seymour, and sang, and danced to my heart's content -- what fun! Anyways, since I enjoy these sorts of things, it fell upon me to design the posters for the show. I also did the tickets and a few variations on the designs shown below, but these two are the most interesting from a graphic design perspective.

Original 11x8.5 Poster

This is the original poster design, created entirely from scratch by yours truly, with InDesign. The logo is simply careful usage of custom kerning & leading and some fun shareware fonts. We had to have fine print at the bottom for contractual reasons, so I decided to have some fun with it and do movie-poster-style credits.

Alternate Poster

The "See it or Be Eaten" tagline which I originally came up with just to fill space on the first poster seemed catchy enough to deserve a poster of its own. Having an alternate design also allowed us to mix and match a little more creatively when putting the posters up around campus.