After all was said and done for the musical (see previous posting for more info on the musical), I decided it would be nice to put up a web page with everyone's photos of rehearsals, etc. -- a kind of yearbook. This page, at, is still under construction, but here are a few of the more interesting graphics from it thus far.

Reworked Web Page Logo

This is the logo originally designed for the show's posters (see previous entry), but I reworked the colour scheme a bit, or, more accurately, gave it a colour scheme -- the posters were all strictly B&W. I also added the white and red borders, and the nifty glow effect around "Vanier Productions". Pretty, isn't it?

Front Page Collage

This is the same logo, with the same new colouring, above, with the notable addition of a collage of about 15 B&W photos making up the background. I did most of this in Color-It!, using lasso selections and the "Paste Into" command.